Superpowers are based on the topography of where one is born.

SC is the first person born in space.

The punishment for unauthorized births is death. Out of fear, SC keeps his strange abilities as his darkest secret. He pretends to be nothing more than a mere Regular while his peers develop unique powers, varying from controlling lightning to producing diamond hard skin. But when his mother is kidnapped by an unknown organization, SC has no choice but to act. 

SC ventures into a school of talented students to learn to fight, where he must learn to master his powers without revealing their true nature. But soon he realizes that the school is more than it appears and that it may hold the secret to his missing mother. To rescue her, he will have to reveal powers never before seen in all of history. 

What do readers think about Star Child?

This book has been amazing. Both The Bridge and Star Child are fantastic. Keep it up!
— Early Adopter
I just binge read the whole thing in a day. I love this book so much, I can’t wait for the rest, I can’t wait for the sequel, and I can’t wait for the movie
— Scarney996
I can’t believe I found this gem. Thank god. I honestly haven’t read a good science fiction book like this in a while. Well done!
— YellowJesus8803

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