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The Bridge

A starship is struck by an asteroid on its way to colonize a distant planet. Now, hundreds of years later, the inhabitants must learn to survive deep space without technology or perish. With the ship split in two and the citizens fragmented, disaster is imminent.

What are readers saying?

“Science Fiction that’s out of this world”

“Amazing write up, captivating story line, awaiting book 2”

“The first chapter had me hooked. Way to grab the reader quick!”

“I can't wait to read this. Actually I won't wait. Goodbye sleep.”

“As I am a fan of space related science fiction this novel really hits the spot.”

“There is a real sense about the story that the lore is solid, the author has a plan.” 

“The passing is good, the way the author unveils the plot, the mysteries of the old generational ship! All is just exciting!”

A Science Fiction Survival Story

Join princess Airomem and Horatius the historian on their adventures- from fighting cannibals, to preventing starvation, to discovering long hidden secrets of the ship. Can they survive? Will this thousand year journey end in failure?


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More praise from readers

Wicked awesome first chapter, sucked me right in. I started reading the free chapters but partway through chapter two realized this is coin worthy. Can’t wait to see more :)
— Tarantula920
“Not your average ‘post apocalyptic teen drama’ characters are well developed and the story breaks the mold set forth by others of the genre.”
— Kyle C